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  • "It is an honour for me to receive this prestigious award from Adv.Sri Kaleeswarom Raj who is such a prominent advocate in our country . I would love to thank God almighty , my parents and Pillai's Academy for helping me to reach this height and to make me realise what I can do and that there is something held for me in the future . "

    Richu Theresa , 1st Rank , Kerala Law Entrance

  • "I thank Pillai Sir , our teachers in Pillai's Academy and all there who supported me and made me excel in this exams. "

    Soorya, 4th Rank , Kerala Law Entrance

  • "With out Pillai's I couldn't have grabbed the victory. I quit my medical career to write this entrance and when I reached there in Pillai's, it was almost running the final be frank...I remained hopeless in an entirely different subject and environment....lots of pressure from my friends and relatives too was there....but day by day , Pillai's classes caught my Mind as I found it very easy to follow lectures and Pillai's notes...that was the only base for me to write the entrance....I will be thankful ever to you Sir and the entire teaching, non teaching staff, who supported me in all ways as a late comer. I wish Pillais Academy all success in its long run......."

    Arun Kumar U ,15th Rank , Kerala Law Entrance

  • ""It was indeed a good experience I had at Pillai's Institute for NET coaching in terms of coverage of the subject, quality of lectures, materials provided, updates and general knowledge, additional information on subject relevance, answering model question papers, motivation by faculties, class timings and facilities at the institute." Coaching at Pillai's institute had enhanced my knowledge as well as confidence in appearing for the examination. "

    Devaki Menon ( UGC Net , Management

  • "Thanks to K.S. Sailendranatha Pillai sir , Pillai's Academy on my success in CA final exam."

    CA Harikrishnan K

  • "Now I am a CS...Cleared all final papers in one shot , first chance!.Thanks to my dear parents,supportive friends , Pillais Coaching -sir's coaching in FM....and above all........ God!"

    CS Krishnan Unni

  • "Thank GOD thank you Pillais.. Cleared CA IPCC both groups in first attempt.. Good coaching from Pillai sir especially the 2 model exams conducted in Pillais really helped me to manage time.. Thanks to all the faculties Pillai sir, Jose sir, Madhukuttan sir, G.k sir,Lakshmi madam, Arun chandrahasan sir, Ubendra sir,Shivasankari madam all of them...."

    George Devassy (IPCC Both Group)

  • "I take this chance to extend my heartiest gratitude to Pillai sir who has helped me to achieve my professional qualification. We admire your unbiased service which has produced numerous professionals to this corporate world. On behalf of my family and my own once again present deepest thankfulness...."

    CS Vineeth Chandran

  • "Thank you Pillai Sir for giving me constant motivation,inspiration and excellent classes that helped me a lot to pass my CA IPC examinations with good marks.I am proud to be a student of Pillai sir."

    Krishna Kamath ( IPCC Both Group)

  • "Pillai Sir changed my perception of studies . Learning is not just for passing the exams but for building a knowledge base. I passed my CA final exam, thanks to Pillai's Academy. The test papers in each subject are really useful .It prepares us well for the exam and boosts our self confidence. Above all Pillai sir would always be available to clear our doubts ."

    CA Divya Padmakumar(Varma & Varma)

  • "Now I am a Chartered Accountant. When I joined Pillai's study centre for PCC , I didnt know how to approach questions in CA exams or how to write an answer. Pillai's helped to rectify my defects in studies and answer presentation .Thank you Pillai sir and Pillai's Academy for all your valuable guidance ."

    CA Arun.K.Rajan

  • "With God's grace I cleared CA final! I cant forget the role that Pillai's Academy played in my academic life which actually moulded me as a professional student. I was in Pillais Study Centre for my PCC. I got true guidance from there which helped me to successfully complete PCC and also to become a better person and a better student. My heartiest gratitude to Pillais Academy ."

    CA Devu Jayan

  • "Thanks to Pillai's Academy for giving me the manthra for Success. As the vision of Pillai's suggests, they have adopted professionalism in each and everything they do.If we input a student...Pillai's will output a Professional... Pillai's made passing CPT a bit easier for me.Pillai's Residential Programme teaches us the value of time, how to plan our studies, and how to make efficient use of Time.There was a proper order and timetable for everything. Revision and model test papers were of great help and enabled us to improve and correct ourselves... Pillai Sir, being an immense source of knowledge, always has to the point answers for all your doubts and Sir also shows a lot of patience to attend to all his student's doubts.Sir focuses on giving that proper guidance that each student needs and moulds the student into a Professional. I've felt that Pillai's gives a lot of importance to Time and Professionalism.Sir’s timely guidance and support helps any student walk through the road of SUCCESS.....!!!!..:) "

    Thwisha , CPT June 2011

  • "Coaching is good ! Especially those test papers after each topic and daily assignments."

    Ashwin Ravishankar , CPT

  • "Pillai's built my world of CA profession.Not only my studies , even my attitude,personal character and social behaviour has changed after becoming a part of Pillai's. Pillai's has answer for all worries of a CA student. Revison test papers & Model test papers give no time to waste thinking what to study. Pillai's student's pledge in itself is a key for self motivation. Above all Pillai Sir will always be there to solve all our worries and confusions regarding studies. I can only say each and every thing is special here ."

    Neethu Vijayan . V , IPCC

  • "Pillai's provides a lot of questions in the form of assignments and RTP . It helped me to get a better idea of question pattern for preparing for CPT."

    Jyothi Thomas , CPT

  • "At Pillai's , the importance given to time is appreciable. Providing of timetable with respect to all subjects and chapters is also excellent. Here every thing has an order ."

    Eby Johnson.C,CPT