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Rules and guidelines


To score high marks in any professional exam you need to cover the syllabus thoroughly and deeply with a systematic approach. We step in here to guide you through the easiest path. We have developed a structured learning program to make You score high marks in the competent exams.  Our past question paper collection and expected question sets will sharpen your exam writing skills.Students are expected to follow our teaching program thoroughly to get the best results.

  • The student should carry with him/her syllabus of individual subjects. Additional books are only to be used for referance and understanding of theory and refering problems.
  • Subject wise orientation and method of teaching will be provided before starting the topic. After completing the study material the student should select one additional book with the help of teacher for further study.  Student should complete full topic with out intention of leaving out tough areas.  
  • A professional student should have the initiative to explore new methods and knowledge during their studies. Before starting the subject the student should assess his/her specific drawbacks in basic knowledge , study pattern and subject knowledge and should discuss it with the teacher.  Classes will cover the theoretical portion , equations , simple adjustments and related problems with Pillai's books and handouts.
  • The student should complete the study material , class works and home work with in the allowed time.Student should be prepared to appear for revision test papers as per time table. Doubts during the period of  their studies and test papers should be noted down and discussed with the teacher.
  • Self enlightment is the key for all professional courses . Each student should develop his skills to acquire maximum knowledge from the teachers , study materials , referance books and magazines provided here.
  • Pillai's provide classes for each course with a vision of its practical application in the future. A thorough knowledge of the subject is needed and expected from a professional irrespective of the field you select .  To ensure this the student should follow the methods implemented in the institute with an individual vision and goal.  


1) Read the day’s portion/note/problem before class. Note down your doubts before doubt clearance.

2) Use separate note book for each subject. (Don’t sandwich your note with different subjects.)

3) Write on the right side of your note book. Use the left side for your doubts, extra points, specific problem areas, formulas and notes from outside readings.

4) Divide your every day’s learning time into two giving time for study and revision.

5) Learn the portions you study today, today itself and revise it the next day. So every day, you will have to learn the portions taken on that particular day plus a quick revision of the previous days’ portions.

6) Revise all the portions learned, every weekend.

7) Use Sundays to compensate any portion you were not able to complete according to your time table (Whatever the reason may be).

8) Answer model test papers during Saturdays and Sundays.

9) Be a responsible student.